• Khaimelick Bacherian

Own A Piece Of Deadpool...Literally

Updated: Jul 23

Always felt like your life may be a little too quiet and not chaotic enough? Fret no more because your friendly neighbourhood Deadpool is here to help.

Thanks to the good people at Hasbro, you can now own your very own Deadpool head, complete with sound effects, an app and non stop whimsical phrases.

The Marvel Legends Deadpool Head comes equipped with over 600 phrases and SFX as well as multiple sensors to simulate Wade's eyes and mouth movements. And not only that, he reacts to sounds and being picked up, but turn him upside down and be prepared for a 'generic trademark-free superhero kiss'.

Just in case all of this wasn't already enough to entice you, the head also comes with its very own interactive app which allows for even more phrases. From expletives, Chimichanga quotes and of course words about those pesky X-Men.

The head is now available for pre-order over at Hasbro Pulse and begins its shipping to US and Canada September 1st 2020. Fingers crossed they will begin shipping to Malaysia soon as well. We need that head!!


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